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  • 5/6/2014
    BQJJ Purple Levi Mowles 5-0 MMA!!
  • 5/6/2014
    Brandon Commentator of CUFF MMA, Trinidad
  • 5/6/2014
    Faded to Black 2.0 coming soon!
  • 5/6/2014
    Johnny Bedford UFC 6/28 San Antonio
  • 5/6/2014
    BQJJ in Trinidad 5/31
  • 6/27/2012
    NEW Brandon Quick seminar DVD on Leg Lock
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Welcome to BrandonQuick.com
Welcome to BrandonQuick's Team Trinity online training program!

We offer beginner and advanced techniques from the grappling arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, Wrestling, Sambo and Mixed Martial Arts.

This site will include actual class footage for functional learning as well as step by step instructional videos uploaded 2-3 times per week, which means its a constantly growing site

Great for instructors and students

This site offers the full spectrum of the grappling martial arts for the distance and home learners with technique videos, seminar footage, class footage, warm ups, solo drills, partner drills, and grappling workouts.

We hope you enjoy your learning experience!
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